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Message from Employees

"As I majored in electronic engineering at college, I wanted to get a job related to electricity. I knew of this company before employment and thought that I could gain something as well as business by working in a busy schedule. It made me decide to join the company."

Current work

Now I endeavor to help senior workers with the electrical design.
I think, for electrical design, it would be advisable to understand the operation and mechanism of the machine. I daily learn much from senior workers.

Office atmosphere

Once you socialize with senior workers, you will find that they all kindly help you to solve the problem.
Want to know how to get along...? It is going on a business trip with them!
If you are highly motivated, you could have a job that matches your aptitude and learn various things as well as certain expertise at work.

Involvement and ambition

When I saw that senior workers designed, installed the software, and operated the machine as planned, I thought "I want to be like them in the future."
I’d like to design by myself and operate the machine as soon as possible.

Message to you visiting our website

SEFA involves many overseas business trips. I’m sure you can expand your worldview.

Yasuhiro Mitsuyoshi (joined SEFA in 2004)

Manufacturing Dept.
Control Planning Sec.
Yasuhiro Mitsuyoshi
(joined SEFA in 2004)

"I’d been interested in electric wiring and I completed the electric course at high school. I decided to join SEFA because I thought I could make use of my past experience from my former job which involved electricity."

Current work

I do electric wiring and check the wiring of the panel cutting equipment and the semiconductor cleaning equipment etc. for liquid crystal panel.
Mainly wiring for light electrical appliance but there are various items to be taken into account such as joint method, joint position, and cable type.
We manufacture things in consideration of above. It is fun and challenging.

Office atmosphere

People get along well with each other and have jokes in a delightful atmosphere.
That doesn’t mean we’re slow at work. We know how to get things done when it's necessary.

Involvement and ambition

I’m happy beyond words when I accomplish my task!
Everybody is highly motivated and skilled.
I can learn a lot from working in this environment.

Message to you visiting our website

People who are different types cooperate to create a new product.
It would be great if you could join us to manufacture things and share the pleasure, joy and happiness!

Yukinobu Maruyama (joined SEFA in 2000)

Manufacturing Dept.
Assemble Sec.
Yukinobu Maruyama
(joined SEFA in 2000)

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