Semiconductor LCD Image General

Single Batch Cleaning System
Single Wafer Cleaning System
Automatic Scanning System
Brushing Scrub Cleaning System
Batch Type Oxide film Etching System
Wafer ID Recognition Unit
Auto-Expanding System with UV
Chemical Concentration Monitoring System

Flat-Panel Cleaning System
Glass Auto-crimp system
TCP Connector
Unpacking Station
Transcriptional Laser Marker
Visual Inspection Table

Inline Visual Inspection
Packing Station

Auto-inspection System for characteristics(Type 1)
Auto-inspection System for characteristics(Type 2)
Polisher prior to GD Recognition(Type 1)
Polisher prior to GD Recognition(Type 2)
Chip Inspection System
All-in-one Front polisher
Interference fringe Inspection System
Azimuth Inspection System
Inspection System for azimuth/jut/index
Rank Classifier
Dimension gage
Interference fringes Inspection Microscope Unit
Adhesive device for Lens holder

Laser Marker
VsVn Measuring System
Equipment for assessing purified water module
UV Curing System
Plate thickness gage
Plate Aligner
Continuity Test System
Transfer system for characteristic test
Wrapping System for block
Remote Focusing System
Thermocompressioner for heat seal
Desktop Airblow System

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