As a total system engineering company, we design and manufacture FA and contribute to society.
Company Name SEFA Technology, Inc.
Head Office Taiyo-Seimei Hirakata Buil. 6F, 1-12-1, Shinmachi, Hirakata-city, OSAKA 573-1191
Kyoto Division 74-1, Sayama-shinkaichi, Kumiyama-cho, Kuze-gun, KYOTO 613-0034
Kyoto Division,
Clean room at the
second plant
91-3, Sako-sotoyashiki, Kumiyama-cho, Kuze-gun, KYOTO 613-0031
Okayama Division 6069, Shinjo-kanayama, Satosho-cho, Asaguchi-gun, OKAYAMA 719-0302
Joetsu Division 3F, Sanwa Buil. 2-1-1, Kida, Joetsu-city, NIIGATA 943-0805
Affiliated Company I-Technology Co., Ltd. (KOREA)
Founded June 1983
Capital 87 million yen


Officer 4 person
Employee 75 person
as of Aug. 2017

1983 Start Business in Hirakata-city (13-2, Kasuga kitamachi, Hirakata-city) Commenced design, production, and sale for semiconductor, measurement, and all sort of equipment.
1984 Established SUGAI EQUIPMENT Inc.
1989 Constructed and opend KYOTO division in Kumiyama-cho, Kuze-gun.
1989 Constructed and opend OKAYAMA division in Kamogata-cho, Asaguchi-gun.
1994 Changed the firm name into SEFA Technology, Inc.
1995 Moved to present place, newly KYOTO division opened.
1996 Moved to present place, newly OKAYAMA division opened.
1998 Constructed and opend KYOTO division clean room at the second plant.
2000 Constructed and opened JOETSU division in Joetsu-city.
2006 Acquired ISO14001 certification for "Environmental Management System".
2008 Acquired ISO9001 certification for "Quality Management System".

Head Office

Kyoto Division

Okayama Division

Joetsu Division

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