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Quality/Environmental policies

Environment Plan

=Basic Philosophy=

SEFA Technology, Inc. considers [Global Environmental Conservation] is the most important challenge common to all humanity. We are continuing to improve the environmental condition related to our activities, products and services that may affect the environment seriously. [To maintain the beautiful environment for the next generation] is our basic philosophy. We, as a total engineering company who coordinates FA, promote the environmental management activities under the following policy to have social reliability for many years to come.

=Environmental Policy=

1. Compliance with the laws and Environmental conservation

We comply with environmental laws and regulations including industrial standards and other requirements agreed upon by us, so that we make our best efforts to conserve the environment with giving full consideration to the natural surroundings.

2. Continual improvements

We promote the following valuable actions related to our activities, products and services for the environmental issues.

① Environmental considering product design
② Energy reduction activities
③ Reduction of wastes
④ Improvements in Environmental Management System

3. Plans and Reviews

We develop the environmental policy to all our offices and departments, and specify the targets and procedures to improve the environment. That achievement progress is reviewed periodically to keep and enhance the activities and the management system.

4. Communication and Publication

We engage in public awareness activities not only for employees but for people who work for us. The environmental policy and the applicable scope shall be published in appropriate ways.

=Scope of Environmental Management System=

1. Applicable Products and Services

Design, manufacture, installation, repair remodeling design and remodeling work of computer network system, semiconductor and LCD related equipment, industrial energy saving equipment, and their accompanying software

2. Applicable Organization

All workers working at the head office and the branch offices of SEFA TECHNOLOGY INC. (Including executives, employees, temporary staffs and outsourcers that we recognize we can affect)

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