As a system integrator of FA, SEFA Technology pursues the highest ease of use and the highest processing capability.
FA is integrated by system from hardware to software.
SEFA technology, as a system integrator of FA system, has developed, manufactured and engineered hardware & software; computer network and its communication, which is the basis of FA, measurement / inspection equipment, assembly equipment, manufacturing equipment, data collection and monitoring. We provide users with the highest performance.
Manufacturing equipment with high performance which meets advanced demand of semiconductor industry is designed, manufactured, and sold.
It is not too much to say that semiconductor manufacturing equipment bears a great part in today's industrial products. So it needs high productivity as well as accuracy and reliability.
SEFA technology provides products with high accuracy and high productivity, such as Wet Station, supplying equipment, transferring equipment, and inspection equipment in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
We develop a system in conjunction with our user, which produces the highest interface.
We hope users can operate our advanced and multifunctional system or equipment easily.----. SEFA technology aims at the construction of a system with the greatest ease of use and the highest processing capability, on the basis of joint development and research with a user.



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