Design and Manufacturing of Computer Software
  • Establishment of production control system using various kinds of network technology in the plant facilit.
  • Design of control software for various types of manufacturing equipment by PC.
  • Collection/analysis of production data between manufacturing equipment using the interface technology.
  • Design of image processing software with optical camera used.
  • Design of communication software based on serial communication (RS-232C, RS-485 etc.) and Ethernet etc.
  • Design of higher communication system for semiconductor or liquid-crystal equipment using SECS / HSMS communication protocol.
  • Design and construction of database such as SQL-Server and Oracle.
  • Design, construction, and maintenance service of medium-scale network at factory or office.
  • Measure against aging PC of the equipment monitor (Yokogawa YEWMAC PC replace to DOS/V etc.)
  • Various ASP applications (database management, card settlement etc.)
  • Website establishment with Flash.
  • Design and Manufacturing of Equipment Control System
  • Creation of PLC control program (Mitsubishi, OMRON, Yokogawa etc.)
  • Creation of touch panel screen (Mitsubishi, OMRON, Digital, KEYENCE etc.)
  • Design of positioning control system, creation of control program.
          Servomotor (Mitsubishi, OMRON)
          Stepping motor (ORIENTAL)
          Linear motor (YASKAWA, THK)
          DD motor (Harmonic Drive, NSK, Yokogawa)
  • Design of network system.
          Mitsubishi MELSEC NET, OMRON Controller Link, FL-Net
  • Control and teaching of industrial robots.
  • Electric wiring drawing of various types of equipment.
  • Manufacturing of control box, self-contained box, equipment built-in box, and operation panel.
  • Equipment wiring and wiring restoration work at the work site.
  • Design and Manufacturing of various types of automatic machine and manufacturing equipment
  • Alignment equipment and assembling equipment using the image processing technology.
  • Hybrid assembling inspection equipment with size measurement incorporated into the assembling equipment.
  • Inspection equipment using hyper resolution camera, stroboscope synchronization, and high-speed line sensor etc.
  • Inspection equipment using two-beam interference optical system, and hard focus + soft focus.

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