The feature of SEFA Technology, Inc.
From electric control to computer communication of semiconductor manufacturing equipment or in FA field, SEFA Technology, Inc. has successfully developed with broad electric technology, and has made great progress with equipment / machine technology.
Business Outline
Electric control, design and manufacture of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and related apparatus. Development of network software in the FA field. Design and manufacture of various automatic machines, measurement systems and inspection systems.

What to do
  • Machine design engineer (design assistant, design concept of assembly figure etc)
  • Electric control design engineer (electric design and trial run adjustment of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and related apparatus)
  • Computer software engineer
Insurances to be taken
Employment insurance, Industrial injury insurance, Health care insurance,
Employees pension, Worker's property accumulation savings, mutual aid for retirement
Retirement plan: yes, labor union: no, Commute by car: allowed

Allowance etc.
Job allowance, Housing allowance, Family allowance
Bonus: twice per year

About employment
Hours work: 9:00 - 18:00
Holiday: National holidays, Sundays and Saturdays (unless there is a national holiday in the workdays of the week)
Number of holidays for a year: 108 days
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